Start of School News

Dear BCS Community,

In our efforts toward the reunification and future growth we are so excited to share the amazing stories on how God is providing and preparing our teams and facilities for a fantastic start.  As is true in life, many things are happening at BCS, some encouraging and some challenging.  We’d like to fill you in on some of these events and let you know how the school year will be impacted, how you can help and encourage you that God is moving and very much blessing this time of growth and unification.

If you have driven by the Sunset Campus recently, you will have seen new buildings being constructed, ditches being dug, and if you could see inside, you would see several rooms being remodeled, including the transformation of Conference Room One into a fellowship room for parents to connect before and after school.  The Spring Creek Campus is also being set up into a preschool campus for our many early childhood classes.

God has provided us with a staff of individuals who have sincere faith, a desire to promote a biblical worldview and who will teach rigorous academics.  Keep an eye on the website for some changes and additions that continue to take place over the summer, including the addition of BCS Alumni, Amanda (Singh) Radtke to our Kindergarten team.

In the midst of all these blessings, we were set back by an event that happened recently.  On the morning of July 23rd, the construction crew arrived to find that the gym had been broken into, vandalized and burglarized. Thanks to our security cameras, the thorough work of local police and our insurance company, we are well on the way to getting justice, restoration and replacements.  The damage included fire extinguishers sprayed all over the teacher supplies, food items squirted all over the kitchen and graffiti on the walls.  PE supplies were also taken.  Currently, the insurance has paid for a clean-up crew to restore as much of the teacher’s supplies as possible and replacements for destroyed kitchen items and PE supplies are being ordered. Damages are estimated to be upwards of $250,000.  This setback not only hurts our hearts for the people who did the damage, but has caused delays to the plan for starting school, specifically in our ability to access the supplies and finish the gym remodel.  Happening simultaneously with the construction has made it very complicated to put a timeline in place for teachers to move into their classrooms, use their computers, finish the gym remodel and have space for events.

After much prayer and planning, we have decided that the best option is to start school at the Sunset Campus one week later than scheduled, making the first day of school September, 10th for grades K-6th. Spring Creek campus preschool classes will start on time the first week of September.  We have been working very hard to finish the new classrooms for 7th and 8th grades.  The plan if the classrooms were not complete by the first day of school was to utilize the gym as classroom space.  Due to the vandalism, we anticipate that the gym will not be usable by the beginning of September.  In order to start 7th and 8th grades on time, their classes will begin on Sept 9th at Spring Creek Church and remain there until after the middle school retreat on Sept 25th.  There will be no school for 7th & 8th grades on Sept 30th to give teachers time to make the transition to their new classrooms.

A new school calendar and explanation of changes is attached to this letter.  In it you will see a couple of changes that will allow us to make up lost hours without extending the school year into June while still meeting state standards. Please note changes to start and stop times, snow days, half days and conferences.  If the late school year start puts you in a difficult situation for childcare, please let us know and we will try to partner with you to make this as low impact as possible.

A bus route is currently being developed to link Spring Creek and Sunset campuses so that families need only drop off and pick up at one location.  We will keep you posted as the exact times become firmed up.

If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to email us at and we will route your message to the appropriate team member.

How can you help?  We’re glad you asked.  Please pray for the construction, the clean-up and the staff as many details still need to go smoothly and projects need to be finished.  We will need help setting up classrooms on both campuses – please stay tuned for emails about work parties.

In the midst of this busy time, we are praising God for His faithfulness and plan.  We intend to have a great school year and deliver the Christian Education that you expect from BCS.  Your grace and flexibility is so appreciated.


Shawn Cunningham and BCS School Board


Calendar Changes:  See school year calendar on and on Sycamore documents.  It’s also attached for your convenience.


August 29th:  Preschool Back to School “Oreo-tation.”  Details coming soon.

September 3rd:  First day of school for 5 day and 2 day (P3) programs

September 4th:  First day of school for 3 day (P4) programs

September 9th:  First day of school for 7th and 8th at Spring Creek 8:45-3:30

September 9th:  7th and 8th Welcome Back assembly and orientation at Spring Creek at 9:00. Parents invited.

September 9th:  K-6th Back to School event at Sunset 4:00-6:30

September 10th:  First day of school for K-4th 8:55-3:15, First day of school for 5th and 6th 8:45-3:30

September 10th: K-6th Grade Welcome Back Assembly at Sunset 9:15 AM. Parents invited.

September 25-27th:  7th and 8th Grade retreat

September 30th:  No school for 7th and 8th grades

October 1st:  7th and 8th grades at Sunset Campus

November 6th:  Evening conferences

November 7th:  Full school day at Sunset

May 22nd:  Full school day at both campuses. If we have snow, we may have to make up the time in June.

May 28th & 29th:  Last days of preschool programs

June 10th:  Full school day at Sunset Campus


Make up Hours:

November 7th:  Full school day at Sunset Makes up ½ day
May 22nd:  Regular school day at both campuses. Makes up 1 day
June 10th:  Full school day at Sunset Campus


Makes up ½ day
5th-8th end 5 min later (3:30 PM)

K-4th start 5 min earlier (8:55 AM)

Makes up 3 days