Our mission statement encompasses the three ways BCS engages students in a Biblical world view.
Take a look at how a partnership is created between BCS and Christian families.


Our mission is to serve children of Christian families in Whatcom County…

Exploring faith in a safe place. One of our previous Kindergarteners transferred to BCS after coming home one afternoon and telling his mother, “I love Jesus at home and church, but not at school.” When his mother asked why, he replied, “No one there talks about Him.” His parents decided right then to transfer him to BCS mid-year to begin exploring his faith in a safe, encouraging atmosphere. What is your child saying?

Seeing lives transformed. We love hearing about how God touches the lives of kids here at BCS. One of our students was singing at home in the shower at the top of his lungs, “S-A-L-V-A-T-I-O-N, no, you can’t get to heaven without it!” His mother was convinced after talking with him later that it wasn’t simply a song he’d learned—it was a truth he’d fully grasped. They knelt together, and right there he invited Christ into his life.

Modeling the heart of Christ. Imagine teachers living what they teach and modeling the heart of Christ in the classroom. It puts a face to the words, demonstrating honest relationships with God. We help resolve conflicts between students with prayer and scripture so that students learn about the power of God’s love in their lives.


…providing Christian education of high academic quality that promotes authentic Christian character…

Integrating a biblical worldview. By exploring every subject from a biblical worldview—learning, for example, how the complexity of our digestive system points to us being “fearfully and wonderfully made”—we as a staff not only set a true standard for academic excellence, we also encourage kids to draw closer to the God the Creator.

Focusing on each and every child. Each child is one of a kind, handcrafted by God. With that in mind, our staff focuses on getting to know every student who walks through our doors: their learning styles, their talents, and their families. By going out of our way to understand them as individuals custom-made in the image of God, we’re able to better educate each one to become who he or she was uniquely created to be.

Encouraging relationships. Forming friendships, resolving conflicts, and working together are equally as important lessons as the ones kids learn in their studies. The staff believes so strongly in the value of building relationships that they take retreats each year with our middle-school students to nurture friendships.  Students participate in group chapels, special assemblies and our PALS program to encourage friendships and community.


…among students who will impact the world for Christ!

Real life preparation for the real world. Hands-on, practical experiences are a priority at all levels to teach skills necessary to succeed in the world. We believe this kind of preparation better equips them to navigate life, wherever they’re called.

Educating heart and mind. We believe a good education engages not just the mind, but also the heart. By encouraging in kids God’s heart for people everywhere and extending His justice into the world, we provide the kind of education we thinks matters more than simply making the kind of stellar grades our students do.

Reaching for the stars. Our limited class sizes, passionately devoted teachers, challenging curriculum, and high academic expectations—lavished with extra doses of encouragement—all create an environment that produces students who consistently place well above average on the Stanford Achievement Test and are prepared for high school.