Co-curricular activities offer students ways to explore their gifts and talents through hands on learning and creative opportunities while developing practical life skills.  Class groups Primary, Intermediate and Middle School have before or after school choir opportunities.  Middle School students take classes such as Home Ec, art, Lego Robotics, yearbook, health, Spanish and music.  Elementary students go to library, music and PE once or twice weekly.  An elementary art class is offered in the summer.  Assemblies such as Veterans Day, Family Christmas Worship and Easter Week encourage student involvement and reflection.  Chapel, with a time of worship and an age appropriate message, happens weekly in class groups.  Several times per year, students and families are invited to participate in local service projects.  Such drives as clothing and food as well as Samaritan’s Purse Christmas gift box assembly give kids a chance to think of selflessly.  Middle school students go out into the community each spring to serve in local retirement homes, clean up parks, etc.  Each fall and winter, 6th, 7th and 8th graders go on reteat for 2 days at Whidbey Island and The Firs Chalet.  Retreats include times of worship, fun and discipleship. The PALS program matches up older and younger classes to work together on projects and make friends.  To celebrate year end, 8th grade students go on a fun event day and “graduate.”  All other students play games at Field Day, followed by an all family BBQ.  All activities at BCS aim to build a Biblical Worldview that starts at home and continues in the local church.