Third Grade

Our goals in third grade, are to continue helping kids learn weekly phonics-based spelling words, study prominent figures in U.S. and world history, convert measurements and solve measurement equations, learn to count money, solve money-oriented story problems, and achieve a basic understanding of fractions. For a more comprehensive overview of our third-grade curriculum, download the syllabus from the sidebar.

Five fun things:

Fourth & Fifth Grade

Our fourth and fifth grade class are taught in a multi-age model.  Both grades are working on the same subjects, but each individual student is working at his or her own level.

Our goals in fourth and fifth grade, among others, are to help kids further with multiplication and division, fractions, measurement, geometry, decimals, penmanship,  parts of speech in English, to help guide kids through both Old World history and an overview of the New Testament and the book of Acts. We get kids involved with oral and written book reports, poetry, dictionary skills, an introduction to geometry, and multiple-digit addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Five Fun Things:

  • Choosing school spirit day themes
  • Studying marine life aboard the vessel Snow Goose
  • Learning the scientific process for the science fair
  • State Research project and State Fair
  • Studying God’s word Q and A style


MTWF 9:00-3:15, Th 9:00-2:15.  Recess begins at 8:30.   Building opens at 8:50.
Choir is offered after school one day per week.