5th/6th Grade

Our fifth and sixth grade classes are taught in a multi-age model.  Both grades are working on the same subjects, but each individual student is working at his or her own level.

Some of our goals in sixth grade are to help kids with fractions, decimals, percents, graphs, and geometry. Our science lessons explore the world of volcanoes, earthquakes, the nervous system and immune system, and chemistry. Sixth-graders also read engaging novels, write book reports, research papers, and give speeches.

Five Fun Things:

  • Retreats to Whidbey Island and Mt. Baker
  • Art, music, PE, and choir
  • Archery, Basketball & Soccer
  • Writing projects
  • Lego Robotics

7th Grade

Our goals in seventh grade, among others, are to help kids explore Earth sciences (including the Lithosphere, the atmosphere, the celestial sphere, the hydrosphere), publish students’ composition pieces, prepare for algebra, and enrichment classes such as art, yearbook, PE and music.

Five Fun Things:

  • Yearbook design and photography
  • Archery, Basketball & Soccer
  • “It’s Real Life” Elective
  • Winter retreat to Mt. Baker
  • Choir Concerts

8th Grade

Among our goals in eighth grade are to help kids explore algebra, biology, biblical creationism, plant structure, and vertebrates and invertebrates. We also read and discuss novels and write papers.  Yearbook, music, band, PE, art, and health are offered along with math, Language arts, science, history and Bible.

Five Fun Things:

  • Bible application
  • Choir and sports
  • Dissecting in science class
  • Spanish
  • Writing children’s stories


Located at the Sunset Campus, Hours are 8:30 AM-3:30 PM, drop off starts at 8:15 AM.
Intramural sports offered seasonally.

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