Our goals in Kindergarten are to help kids recognize numbers up to one hundred, begin telling time, do basic addition and subtraction, and acquire a strong phonics foundation for reading. By winter, most children will be sounding out words and reading sentences. We also cultivate a love for God and the assurance that God loves them.

Five Fun Things:

  • Dramatic play in the classroom
  • Memorizing Psalm 23
  • Interactive Math and Literacy Centers
  • Bringing 100 items to class on the 100th day of school
  • Exploration of animals, insects, and plants

Our first and second grade classes are taught in a multi-age model.

1st Grade

Our goals in first grade, are to help kids continue developing skills in addition and subtraction, understand vowels and consonants, further explore the Bible, write complete sentences, and explore the history behind all major holidays.

Five Fun Things:

  • Field trip to Bellewood Acres and the Marine Life Center
  • Memorizing the ABC Bible verses
  • Going to PE, Music, Library, and Technology
  • Eating pancakes with homemade syrup in science
  • Learning about Abe Lincoln and George Washington

2nd Grade

Our goals in second grade, are to help kids with reading fluency, comprehension, journaling, punctuation, weekly phonics-based word lists, basic multiplication and division, and story problems. We also cover introductory American history and the history of the Earth, as well as the science of continents and oceans.

Five Fun Things:

  • Field trip to Padilla Bay or Larrabee State Park
  • Learning Bible stories about Moses, Joshua, Judges, Ruth and Jonah
  • Writing and illustrating creative stories
  • Art projects
  • Studying pioneers and cowboys

Kindergarten is located at our Cordata Campus.  Hours are 9:00 AM-3:00 PM, drop off starts at 8:45 AM.

First/Second is located at our Sunset Campus.  Hours are 8:30 AM-3:15 PM, drop off starts at 8:15 AM.

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