Consider an individual tour or classroom observation.

We strongly encourage you to visit us in person to understand why we’re so enthusiastic about what’s happening here.  During our individual tours you will have the opportunity to see teachers and students in action, view the campus and develop a better understanding of our mission.  Please contact our Director of Enrollment to schedule your tour or request information.  We respect parents as the ones God has given responsibility for the education of their children, and we want you to feel welcome.

Tuition Assistance Program

T.A.P. can provide current and incoming students with a discount on tuition, based on the family’s income. To apply, download an application from the sidebar and return to the office.

Pastor Scholarship:

Students of full time pastors will receive a 50% discount in grades K-8th.  Download an agreement from the sidebar.


BCS Tour Video – 2015 from Bellingham Christian School.