Pam Carson

Pam and her husband are originally from Yakima, WA. She moved to the Northwest to attend Trinity Western University, where she graduated with a degree in Psychology/Human Services. She later participated in the K-8 Post-Baccalaureate Program at Western Washington University where she received her teaching certificate.

She has had a variety of opportunities to work with children who have a wide range of abilities and come from different cultural backgrounds. Some of her experiences involve Young Life, the inner city of Philadelphia, Catholic Community Services, and the Life Skills program at Meridian High School. After teaching Fifth Grade in the Mount Vernon School District, she took some time off work to stay home and raise their two children.

Their family joined Evergreen Christian School in 2006. After teaching Kindergarten and 2nd grade at Evergreen, she joined the BCS community as part of the reunification in 2019 and currently teaches with Melanie Ginoza on the 1/2 team.

Her favorite thing about working with the primary students is how excited they get about learning and their willingness to get silly with her. She loves the wide-eyed expressions, big smiles, and being a part of their discoveries. She has felt truly blessed to teach in communities where she gets to invite, nurture, and empower students in not only their learning, but their relationship with Jesus.