Darryn Kleyn

I’m delighted to join the team at Bellingham Christian, in the capacity of principal, January 2022!  To say this is a major twist (or u-turn!) on the road for me and my family would be an understatement.  Two months ago we were still planning to move halfway across the world to my hometown of Perth, Western Australia to take up a principal position at my alma mater.  However, due to a number of COVID restrictions affecting our travel plans and a proposition from the BCS Board, we find ourselves following God’s lead so I can take up a leadership role at BCS.  We have experienced tangibly, God’s providential hand guiding and directing even when we don’t always understand.  I believe God is sovereign over all things.  Not a hair of our head can fall apart from His will.  He orchestrates and directs all things for His good purposes. Sometimes providence can be hard, but ultimately God orchestrates those things for the good of His people, for those who love Him and are called according to His purposes (Romans 8:28).

While it still feels a little surreal, I’m excited by the mission and vision of BCS and I’m looking forward to partnering with Board members, faculty, and parents, as an instrument in God’s hand, to support some exciting plans that are in the works at BCS.


I grew up in a Christian home and have always known Jesus to be my Savior.  He saw to it that my parents raised me and my seven siblings to know and love the Lord from an early age. The early Bible stories at the dinner table, the nurturing of Christian school teachers, and weekly preaching in a Reformed church have been my experience since I was little and have all contributed to the growth of my faith in the LORD Jesus Christ.  While my testimony of coming to faith may not be unique, I can testify to God’s covenant faithfulness through the generations; my family are Christians at least three generations back.  Paraphrasing the Apostle Paul, this is certainly not our doing, lest we should boast, it is the gift of God! (Eph 2).  I am so thankful for the Christmas season, to be reminded again about the amazing gift we have received in Jesus, and the salvation He has secured for each of us.


God has blessed me with my lovely wife Beatrix, and six children aged 7 – 18.  It’s been the joy of my life to partner with my wife in nurturing our children so that they have also come to know and confess Jesus Christ as their Savior.  We all love to read, play soccer, basketball, and volleyball, and travel in our ‘Big White’ van to see the amazing sights God has created across this vast country.

Christian Education

I have taught in Christian schools since I graduated from university in Perth.  I taught elementary school in my hometown for five years before my wife (a Michigan native) and I embarked on a journey to Lynden to teach at Cornerstone Christian School.  I taught in the middle school for 10 years and then served as principal for eight years.  Throughout those 18 years I also thoroughly enjoyed the role of athletic director.

Ever since I was a little tacker, I have experienced the transforming influence of Christian schooling on children.  The Bible is clear that it is parents who have the God-given responsibility to raise their children in the “fear and admonition of the Lord”.  However, when parents seek to partner with the Christian school to support them in their task, Christian school teachers can provide powerful support as they help the students learn about God’s world and work. I am passionate about ensuring our children view the world of books, ideas, learning, language, etc. through the lens of the Christian Worldview.  In other words, what does God and His Word, the Bible, have to say about what we are learning in all the subjects we teach?

Attraction to BCS

The impact of my short time at BCS is a big reason for accepting a full-time role at BCS.  From the day I walked in the doors in September, the staff, students, and parents have been super welcoming.  I sense a dynamic Christian culture permeating the hallways and classrooms.  I’ve interacted with dedicated teachers who love their students and are eager to live out God’s story in their lives.  I am drawn to the opportunity of working with an experienced, godly, professional admin team.  There is excitement surrounding the vision of the school and the amazing plan for a new facility.  I’m attracted to the proposition of leading and supporting the setup of a Christian high school for the BCS and broader Christian community.

Wrapping Up

God’s providence has landed me at BCS and I am humbled by the ‘call’ to serve the BCS community.  I look forward to getting to know more of you as our paths cross.  May the Lord bless BCS and cause it to be a blessing for the raising of the next generation of Christ-followers!