Know the Light, be the Light!

To launch into 2019, our class has been talking a lot about Light, what it means to be ‘Light Bearers,’ and how we can shine the light of Jesus to our classmates, teachers, families, and to the world. A few days into our exploration of our class theme, our class got the exciting news that we would be gaining a new classmate! The kids were over the moon! They couldn’t wait to meet this student and before I knew it they began brainstorming ways to welcome this student and make him feel a part of our class.

Welcoming a new student to our class provided the perfect opportunity for my students to find ways to be ‘Light Bearers’ and create a friendly, comfortable and inviting space for our new classmate. As we shared our ideas, we all agreed that it takes a lot of bravery to come to a new school, especially in the middle of the year when the other students are settled.  We started by brainstorming what the word “brave” means to us. We prayed to ask God to speak to our hearts and reveal insight and wisdom as to what it means to be brave and how He calls us to be brave. The responses that students shared were unique and inspiring. One student shared that being brave means to “be yourself.” Another student shared that being brave means to “do your best and not be afraid.”

Over the last week, it has been so amazing to see the ways in which my students have shined light! When our new classmate joined our class for the first time, one of my students sat next to him at lunch and would make sure he knew where everything was by asking him questions like “so do you know where the bathroom is?” Another student started up a conversation to get to know what kinds of sports he likes to play. During math, one of the girls in our class took the initiative to fill him in with what we had been learning in math and even partnered up with him for the rest of the class to make sure he had someone to work with and ask questions to if he needed help. In less than a week, it feels as though our new classmate has been a part of our class all along.

Seeing the authentic ways in which the students in my class shone light to our new classmate this week has been so encouraging and exciting. I am confident that their embracing and welcoming attitudes created a safe and comfortable space which allowed jumping into a new class in the middle of the school year a whole lot easier for our new student! I can’t wait to see how he, along with our whole class, continues to blossom as ‘Light Bearers’ as we grow in deeper relationship with The Light (Jesus) as the year continues!

By Hope Midgely, 4th/5th Teacher