High School: 9th Grade Cohort

We are excited to offer 9th grade beginning this current school year, 2nd semester! If interested, complete an application and email it directly to Chantel Miller (miller@bellinghamchristianschool.org), Enrollment Coordinator. You may also email her with any questions. *Please specify which school year you are applying for (current=2021, next= 2021-2022).

The past five years, Bellingham Christian and Lynden Christian have been on a journey of building a complementary kingdom vision for Christian Education in Whatcom County. We have been building trust, sharing professional development, developing common philosophy through TFT, transportation sharing, reunification with BCS & ECS, designing the WCSA, and now a complementary partnership for a Christian High School in Bellingham. These initiatives have been God led and pointed toward His heart for unity and our missional partnership.

BCS has been working diligently to develop and build a vision for a new campus that will house a P3-12th grade program. The past five years, BCS has experienced a student and staff growth rate of nearly 200%. This proposed program design will be in step and in partnership with our brothers and sisters at Lynden Christian Schools. The deep hope is to develop a 9th-12th grade program that is complementary, yet not competitive with Lynden Christian. We believe partnering to develop a freshman cohort in Bellingham is the natural next step in our common journey and mission.

  • Our current need – Currently families are hungry for help.

They desire:

  • Relational learning – life on life is needed for growth. Community is the best learning experience. Students are lonely and made for relationship. (In person learning for public schools likely will not take place for middle and HS in Bellingham until Fall of 2021)

  • Academic Rigor – Pathways toward post HS, credits, learning challenges and growth

  • Christian Education – Consistent with our vision and our heart for Christian Ed. Families desire a Biblical world view in their student’s learning experience

  • Hope and Partnership – Families and students are dealing with feeling alone

Location- Baker Creek Bible Church – 3920 James Street, Bellingham, WA 98226

If interested in applying for 9th grade cohort now, please submit a completed application to our Enrollment Coordinator Chantel Miller, miller@bellinghamchristianschool.org. 
If you have any questions, please email Chantel.