In the fall of 2019, after 28 years, Evergreen and BCS will finalize reunification. The idea of re-unification has been talked about between the leadership of LC and BCS for close to a decade. A memo of understanding now exists that outlines the reunification goals, including:
o Pursue the realization of a Christian High School in Bellingham. Current families are the key to planting the seed now for this future vision.
o Enhance the vision for more Christian Education in Whatcom County for all ages.
o Increase the excellence of Christian Education
o Centralize financial management for effectiveness and efficiency
o Invest less resources in rent and more towards the future vision
o Share resources including experience, property, staff and purchasing
o Share excellent professional development for staff
o Provide centralized transportation

A plan is being vetted to build 10 new rooms on the current BCS campus. In the interim, all preschool programs and one kindergarten will remain on the Spring Creek campus.

The Spanish Immersion campus will remain at Birchwood Presbyterian Church under the leadership of Lynden Christian.

See the Preschool Page for details about programs and schedules.