Girls’ Basketball

For the first time in three years, BCS has a middle school girls basketball team! Our first game was on Wednesday and the girls were incredible! The team is built of eight godly young ladies; six of whom have never played basketball before. You would never know it by how they played on Wednesday. There was teamwork, enthusiasm, and real plays happening! Throughout the game, multiple girls commented on how much fun they were having. If possible, the fans were enjoying the game even more than the players. BCS was behind for a while but after a few minutes of full-court press, BCS was neck-n-neck with Skagit. There were shots, rebounds, and baskets being made from every angle and every player. As Principal Shawn Cunningham said, “Each basket that was made caused the crowd to erupt with cheer so loud you would have though we just won a state title.” The game showed the heart of BCS: families coming together to do something honoring to God and enjoying life together. Way to go Eagles!

By Dakota Heilborn, 1st Grade Teacher and Girls’ Basketball Coach